Wedding Services

We partner with established vendors to ensure the best and most professional services for you, our valued couple, to enjoy your most important day. Thus, we provide Pre-Wedding Services and Actual Day Wedding Services Packages, which encompasses gown, suit, photography, makeup and flowers, to streamline your wedding preparation process. Contact us to find out more about our packages.

Annabel Law Productions


Wedding photography at Annabel Law Productions is not just about snapping couple shots and providing other creative services for couples using top-of-the-line cameras and the best editing tools. But rather, our wedding photographers tell stories of love, devotion and commitment through the art of photography.



antelope studio logo 

Wedding Photography: ANTELOPE STUDIOS

Our mantra towards photography has always been first about the heart and then our techniques. If photography is simply about memories without feelings, it will be nothing more than a documentary. We seek love, we crave fun and we are incredibly passionate about what we do.

Pushing boundaries and going places, we always believe something wonderful is about to happen - and you bet we’ll be there when it does.




Wedding Photography: ANDROIDSinBOOTS

The Androidsinboots team is a team of imagemakers who believe in the importance of visual storytelling. Our craft isn’t just about creating the familiar and the good; we embrace unconventionality and eclecticism, we create based on personalities and emotion.

 With sensitivity in mind, we respect the integrity of personal moments and only strive to capture, not direct. We try to expect the unexpected, to capture spontaneities and present a visual adventure to our audience. Sound is a vital component of our work because we all react to it- music, and voices from one person to another. We endeavour to reflect our couple’s personalities in our work while keeping it as honest as possible.

 We are constantly looking for new opportunities to bring forth a new visual experience to each and every client of ours. We are dreamers who never lose sight of the magic in others. And all the different forms of brilliance a person has to offer, we endeavor to translate it into something beyond words.





 Bridal Make-Up and Hair: THE MAKE UP ROOM 

In The Make Up Room, we believe beauty complements with being thoughtful and mindful.
We put in a great deal of thinking, time and research into finding a right balance
when it comes to beauty and make-up.
And if we absolutely have to pick between beauty and brain,
we will always pick brain.
Because in retrospect, we have always believed in the power of make-up
– whether it’s to frame one’s beauty or to alter it.

 — Jyue Huey Low / Bobbie Ng



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Wedding Florist: FLORAL MAGIC

The backbone of our business is our family, fronted by daughters
– be it gran, mum, aunt, wife, or sis.

Among us is Lucy, who has been a florist since Floral Magic's inception in 2000. She has experimented with many styles, and learnt from renowned designers from Belgium, Germany, Sweden, and the USA. Lucy holds a Diploma in Modern Floral Design from the American Floral Art School, is accredited as a Certified Floral Designer (CFD) and was inducted as a member of the American Institute of Floral Design (AIFD) in 2009.

The rest of the core team (Anna, Jo, and Linnette) has been under her guidance from young, putting in hours after school, and have been professionally trained in London and New York. Their cumulative experience in fashion public relations, marketing, events and graphic design, evolved the sensibilities and breadth of Floral Magic’s work.

Together, we have honed a fresh, moving and organic aesthetic in Floral Magic’s 18 years, always taking cues from nature. We translate these values in everyday arrangements, and dramatically transform venues for weddings or events with lush floral and botanical styling.

What differentiates us is our grounding in the technical aspects of arrangement and structure making, together with a trained eye in achieving colour, form and textural balance, even in the wildest of bouquets. 


The Red Wedding


The Red Wedding carries a variety of Qun Kua in different designs and sizes. We even offer matching accessories such as shoes, hairpieces, jewelry, and complementing attires like Ma Kua and Tang jackets for the groom.