The Artisanal Veil

The Artisanal Veil is a beautiful wedding veil personalised with memorable and symbolic details significant to you, such as wedding vows, quotes and motifs.

Here's a breakdown of the journey of your Artisanal Veil:

During the first consultation, the Gown Artisan will chat with you regarding the details of your veil such as the design, styling and length. 70% deposit is required to start the artwork design and production.

It takes 10 days to create 2-3 design artworks that will be presented to you to select from. Upon selection, 1 revision of the selected design will be allowed for final approval. After approval of the final artwork, it will be sent for production. Then after no changes are permitted. Kindly note, from initial design to final artwork approval should be done within 3 weeks.

It takes at least 2 months to hand embroider the veil. More complex artwork will take at least 3 months.

Have a closer look of our Artisanal Veil sample and veil length chart below. 

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A simple chart to show different veil lengths. Measurements are in inches (width x length) length is from comb to end Blusher (18"x30") Flyaway (18"x18") Shoulder (18"x20") Waist (24"x30") Finge ...

Personalise your wedding veil with quotes, motifs, symbols that are meaningful to you, your fiancé and family. You can provide these details to us to design and create your veil. These de ...