Fancy printed and solid colour viscose lining for jackets
Quality 100% wool made from renowned Italian mills. Available in Supers 110s to 150s. Suitable for formal suits/blazers/trousers/vests and tuxedos.
A blend of wool and linen (sometimes with silk for extra softness and luxuriousness). Great for semi-formal to formal suits/blazers/trousers/vests.
Wool hopsack is very breathable and wrinkle resistant. The texture and colours of this fabric makes a great smart casual blazer that's very versatile.
Linen fabric is lightweight and breathable, perfect to make a suit/blazer/trouser/shorts for daytime, outdoor and beach events.
100% cotton fabric makes a fashionable lightweight and structured suit/blazer/trousers/shorts that's perfect for smart casual occasions.

Fabric Collection

Have the freedom to choose from our curated range of quality suit and shirt fabrics from Europe and Japan. Materials include wool, cotton, linen and mixes. We also specialise in limited edition printed linings to jazz up your jacket interior with personality.

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