Top 3 Bespoke Bridal Gown Misconceptions: Debunked!

Written by Gown Artisan Tilly Soelistyo

Do you have a certain wedding dress in mind but have been unable to find it in the shops? Have you been trying on numerous bridal gowns and although they are all lovely, it is still not the perfect one? Or are you like me, who could not fit into any rental wedding gown in Singapore, because we don’t fall into the category of the average size and height. If you're are nodding your head in resigned agreement, the answer to your bridal gown woes is to bespoke your dream gown! But why do brides shy away from the bespoke option despite not being able to find an off-the-rack wedding gown? After designing and custom-making gowns for hundreds of brides for the past 7 years, here are the top 3 misconceptions about bespoke bridal gowns:

1. It is a complicated process

The process is actually quite straightforward, it will only be complicated if you still don’t know what you want or what is suitable for you even after trying on different styles of wedding gowns at other wedding retailers. If this describes you, perhaps it is because the wedding gown consultants who served you at other wedding retailers are not design-trained, so they may not be able to guide you professionally in this aspect.consultation

At Artisanal Flair, on your first appointment, I will help you identify your bridal style and suggest the right wedding gown silhouette that will flatter your body shape. After that, we will go through the selection to narrow down your favorite elements of a gown, i.e., neckline, cut, sleeve length, detailing/ embellishment.


2. It is very expensive

This is not always the case, as our bespoke gown can be more friendly for the pocket than renting off-the-rack international designer gowns. Doing bespoke/ custom also means going the extra mile to invest in something that looks and feels like it was made personally for you – something off-the-rack can’t match. From day one, you will be involved throughout the process, from design selection, choosing the right fabrics, lace (if any) that will work with your chosen style of gown and of course taking your budget into consideration.

3. It may not turn out the way you envision it to be

The next step we do after finalizing the sketch and fabric is to make a toile (a trial version) of your designed dress. Then after we will have a mock up (toile) fitting where we can finalize the fit and style of your dress.The beauty of this process is that we can alter and change things around to get the perfect style before cutting the expensive fabric. fitting

Throughout the bespoke gown journey, you will at least have 2-3 number of fittings over the 6 months period to ensure the perfect fit. When you buy or rent a dress from a shop, it comes in a standard dress size to fit the largest part of you. So if you are a 10 top and 12 bottom it will come in a size 12 and in a lot of cases standard lengths, which is not great news for the petite brides as many shops don’t cut their dresses and you will have issues with the hem lengths.

Finally I will be the one in charge of making your wedding gown and it will be sewn by our own in-house tailor who has more than 20 years of experience cutting and sewing wedding, evening gowns and cheongsams in Singapore. If you have any queries or concerns I am always available to talk on the phone or by WhatsApp to help and reassure you.

Thus, by getting a bespoke dress at Artisanal Flair you will get the dream dress you want, that fits you perfectly, made by a person you know, who will go above and beyond to give you the perfect wedding dress.

Chat with us if you like to get started on your bespoke bridal journey or for more info.

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